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*** Welcome to OZ ***

We have the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason at all !

*** All our Puppies are sold as Family Pets ONLY, with NO breeding rights! *** 

We always want what is best for our puppies. We try very hard to place our puppies in the best homes possible. Our goal is to place them in homes where they will receive the same love and attention they received from us, the love and attention they deserve in their "forever" home !


*** Serious inquires only please ***

I take pride in OZ kennels and spend a lot of time caring for our adults and newborns so my time is very important to me and my "Fur Kids". Contact me when you are 100% sure you are ready to bring a puppy into your life! Any extra time that I have is enjoyed playing with my puppies, socializing them and giving them lots of loving care!


*** Our Puppy Reserve Process ***


A Deposit of only $100.00 will reserve your puppy for you !

 *****Make all checks and money orders out to: Randy Bertrand*****   

**** All reserve deposits are ( Non-refundable ) ****


*** We also accept Pay Pal ***

Our Pay-pal address: lynnbamasteve386@aol.com

*** Please Include 3 % Surcharge fees when using Paypal ***


Note: All  puppy reserve deposits must be received within 5 (working) days. If your deposit is not received within that time period ( 5 working days ) the puppy will be available for someone else to purchase. I am sorry but I can not hold a puppy longer then that without a reserve deposit.


Very important first step to reserve your puppy !

Please email me all your contact information (within 24 hours)

I must have this information FIRST to start the reserve process !


**** Please include in your email ****

Complete name,  home address, phone number (s) and the"best" email address where I can easily reach you, and to be used for any further contact.

Please let me know if you want a Male puppy, or a Female puppy !

***If it does not matter and you will accept either one please let me know***


About Color..................

We can not guarantee the color of your puppy, or what might be available!

***I will accept your reserve deposit (only) with this understanding*** 

***You will be"flexable and open" to any available puppy colors we may have !***

***The puppy colors that will be available is out of our control ***

****Cairns have been know to change in color ***

A Cairn puppy can be born one color, then change color in as little as a few days or weeks. 

Cairn puppies may lighten quite abit in color or even get much darker in color.

With Cairns you never really know what color they will end up being!

*******Cairns can change colors many times throughout their life*******


Thank you for your visit to OZ..................

 We look forward to your next visit ! 


Please contact Randy with any questions you may have! 


Email: Randy1054@aol.com

205 - 489-9111